Advantages of using LabVIEW/Why do we use LabVIEW?

Advantages of using LabVIEW/Why do we use LabVIEW?
NI Work Center at US
Advantages of using LabVIEW/Why do we use LabVIEW?
Advantages of using LabVIEW/Why do we use LabVIEW?

1)    Acquire High-Speed, High-Precision Measurements: With the use of NI Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) we acquire accurate, timely measurements for our Industrial monitoring and control systems. Thousands of Industrial Sensors and speciality I/O to acquire High-Speed, High -Resolution data in most demanding Industrial Environment, even it is used in controlling and measurement of devices in Marine Vessels also. 

We can see that SMEC Automation Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company who are applying NI LabVIEW for the testing and measurement of Instruments in Crude oil vessels, Bulk Carrier, Navy Ships etc. SMEC is the first Indian company to apply NI LabVIEW in Marine Industries. Some applications are in Boiler Control, Engine start sequence, Navigation and satellite communication system etc.



2)     Analyze Signal with Built-In Math and Signal Processing Functions: Using the LabVIEW Virtual Instruments (VI) we are able to analyze any type of signal with just an icon which is built within the software, which makes us easy for programming since we don’t need to write any code or use any hardware to generate signal.

3)    Improve Efficiency and throughput with advanced control: LabVIEW can execute virtually any control algorithm for basic PID to advance nonlinear control.

4)    Optimize your System by connecting LabVIEW to any PLC: It can communicate with a wide variety of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and Automation devices as we are doing in SMEC to control Modicon M340 with LabVIEW in order to run the start sequence of a Ship Engine. You can implement modular expansion I/O for time-critical applications over deterministic Ethernet or connected to industrial fieldbus such as Ethernet/Ip, PROFIBUS, OPC, Modbus, TCP/IP and CANopen.

5)    Develop Flexible HMI/SCADA System: Due to its Graphical programming Interface (G Code) its makes programming simple since we are making front end and programming paralelly. Using hundreds of drag and drop controls, graphs and 3D visualization tools.

6)    Reduce Development Time with Intuitive Graphical Programming: Instead of writing text programming we use drag and drop graphical icon. Which makes it reduce the programming time and make us more productive every second.

7)    Build Machines Faster with Mechatronics: With the combination of Mechanical, Electrical, Control and Embedded software design it helps build machines faster than any other softwares available now.

Application of LabVIEW in Major Industries Include:

1)    Subaru tests its Hybrid cars in HIL (Hardware in Loop) Simulations.
2)    Siemens monitors health of wind farms.
3)    Advance Cancer research at Kitasato University Japan.
4)    CERN test LHS, the largest physics experiment in human history.
5)    SpaceX tests and control it’s reusable rockets.

35,000+ companies worldwide use LabVIEW for their works.

  • Tesla
  • Intel
  • ARM
  • Microsoft
  • Boston Scientific
  • IBM
  • Boing
  • NASA
  • Texas Instruments
  • Honeywell
  • Siemens
  • SpaceX
  • Autodesk
  • Qualcomm

The above given are just some of the mainstream ones.

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