SMEC robotics ROBO Summer Camp 2020

This summer, let your kids dive into the world of robotics with SMEC summer RoboCamp. Teaching new things that interest them, let's make sure that the young ones are ready for the future. ROBOMEGA - 5th,6th & 7th Grade, ROBOGIGA - 8th,9th & 10th Grade, ROBOTERA - 11th & 12th Grade Students. For enquiry +91 960 555 0001

SMEC robotics ROBO Summer Camp 2020
SMEC robotics ROBO CAMP 2020

SMECRobo Summer Camp 2020

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In this video, Mr.Rahul (SMEC robotics HOD) explains new additions to SMEC Summer robot camp and some innovative topics and ideas that are in store for participants of this program. The best way to spend your summer holidays. Let your children dive into the indulging and interesting field of robotics. The best investment you can make is in your own mind. Invest in knowledge. Grow and be ready to tackle problems of the future with the help of technology on your side. SMEC Robotics has introduced this program in association with our research and development wing, SMECLabs. The expertise and knowledge gained through years of experience working in their respective fields by teachers and engineers at SMECLabs, have contributed to the immense pool of knowledge. Join now! Get your kids or loved ones the gift that may help them make the best out of their summer holidays.
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